About Scentsense2.0

Welcome to Scentsense 2.0 

My vision for a Candle Company came to me in late 2019. COVID allowed me the time to explore my interests, hone my skills, and perfect my formula. I started with a few scents and steadily incorporated new lines to promote self care. I am most proud of my Mens Line. It promotes wellness amongst a population that is regularly ignored.

The next phase in my line launches were the “Premium Therapeutic Line” and “Wick-less Line. As a mom of three I know how candles aren’t practical in the household. But I still wanted to allow my clients with children the opportunity to elevate their space. As a goal oriented person I never think the job is done. I’m always thinking of new ways to take the Company and the lines I offer to the next level. Stay tuned for my newest creations  “Luxe Scents”. I can’t wait for you all to experience the next level of Scentsense2.0.


💋 Tamara


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